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Chemical Feed Control News July 2014

Chemical Feed Control News

          Vol. 1, No. 1                     Reported independently as Catalytic Objective Synthesis™*                   July, 2014

Replacement Bleach Dosing Unit Ends Leaks and NaOCl Shortage for UF Backwash at SWTP

                     Also Adds New Capability for Control from SCADA Terminal; Takes Much Smaller Footprint;                    Significantly Reduces CIP Frequency

Replacement of bleach pump with special vacuum feeders eliminated frequent pipe and valve leaks that were caused by running the pump at 100% capacity just to get close to what was needed.

The supervisor of the membrane system for a 7.5 MGD ultrafiltration (UF) and reverse osmosis (RO) facility at a 15 MGD surface water treatment plant (SWTP) in Granbury, TX reports that replacement of the bleach (NaOCl) pump with a vacuum feeder has eliminated frequent pipe and valve leaks in a bleach delivery system needed for UF backwash.
He also notes new capability for providing required NaOCl dosage, and for controlling it from the plant’s system control and data acquisition (SCADA) terminal.
“We could only come close to what we needed by running the pump at 100% capacity, which caused excessive vibration throughout the bleach delivery system and consequent frequent leakage in its valves and piping,” recalled Alain Richard, supervisor of membrane system at the Surface Water Advanced Treatment System (SWATS) plant operated by the Brazos Regional Public Utility Agency.